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Stay-dry Bath Apron & Towel

By Bgme @babygearmom

Bath time was pretty nerve-wracking when I was a new mom.  Let’s face it babies are slippery!  I wish I had known about this product back then.  Stay-dry is part apron and towel.  You velcro it around you neck, tie it around your waste and you have a buffer from the inevitable bath time splashes.  See?  Mom doesn’t have to take a bath too!

More importantly, you have an easy-to-access towel for baby right out of the tub; no need to have an extra one standing by.   A handy towel mitt is also included adding a little traction and a lot of peace of mind!  The apron towel also has a chunky pocket to hold the mitt and other items Mom may need in a pinch. Available in blue, pink and lime green; $20 at

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