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State Says Jews Need Metal Detectors

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
About a year ago the State had a major fiasco with metal detectors on Temple Mount. After two soldiers were killed in a shooting on Temple Mount, the police decided to install the metal detectors to check the Arabs entering. They also installed security cameras. The Arabs then rioted because of the metal detectors and the State, led by PM Netanyahu, ordered the metal detectors, and most of the cameras, to be removed.
Netanyahu ordered them to remove all the new security measures, but only for the Arabs. Supposedly the police would use less obtrusive means to monitor the security situation on the Mount. At Mugrabim Gate, the one gate used for Jewish entry to Temple Mount, Netanyahu ordered them to keep the security cameras and metal detectors in place.
That issue has come to the forefront again, with a petition to the High Court submitted by Otzma Yehudit. Otzma Yehudit is claiming discrimination in the forcing of Jewish entrants to pass through the detectors when the Arabs do not need to. Otzma Yehudit wants the detectors removed form Mugrabim Gate just as they were removed form the other entrances. Otzma's petition was based on a previous Supreme Court decision that considered the police keeping a list of Jewish entrants and not Arab entrants to be racist and discriminatory - after which the police decided to stop keeping such lists at all rather than have to keep a list of Arab entrants.
In response to the petition, the State responded with secret information that they claim shows they need to keep the metal detectors for the Jewish entrants even though they do not need them to keep their security level with the Arabs, who actually bring weapons on Temple Mount and at other times riot.
The Supreme Court has not yet made a decision about this petition.
source: Makor Rishon
This is our "right wing" government. 
They can have invisible security measures for the people who they know make trouble, but for Jews that is not good enough. I am sure there are Jewish entrants they want to check and keep an eye on and suspect of possibly going up to make trouble, but if they can use invisible and non-obtrusive security measures for the Arabs surely they can use similar methods to keep security among the Jews, an extreme minority of which might actually be potential trouble makers.
And of course the information their case is based on is top secret so the petitioners cannot defend against it and nobody knows if it is real or not.
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