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State of Emergency!

By Gldmeier @gldmeier

Did you know that we are in a state of emergency? It is actually a perpetual state of emergency.
The government declared a state of emergency after the State was founded, and the state of emergency has never been repealed. Initially the time period of the state of emergency was open-ended, and would have been in effect until it was repealed. in 1996 the law was changed to allow the government to continue the state of emergency, but no longer would it be open-ended. From then on, it would only be in effect one year at a time and would have to be renewed.
Today the Knesset is renewing the state of emergency status of Israel.
So, we are in a state of emergency. still.
The only problem with this is that nobody knows what it means. Never has the law defined what the emergency is, what qualifies us to be in such a state, what would make such a declaration illegitimate, what being in such a state of emergency means for anybody, or anything else about it.
The one benefit the government does have by keeping us in a state of emergency is that there are a number of decrees that the government can impose on the country because of being in a state of emergency. None of the articles that I found on the issue today actually detail what those decrees or declarations are, so it seems even that is unclear.
So, there is nothing to worry about, but we are in a state of emergency! I think I am going to start carrying my gas mask around with me. Or maybe not.

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