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Starting Thanksgiving School Break Out On A High Note {Even If It's a Fake High Note!}

By Thibben @aspieadventures
Starting Thanksgiving School Break Out On A High Note {Even if it's a fake high note!}   As I talked about in one of my last posts we have been having a lot of problems with Jayen & school! Not doing work, not trying to do work, lies, & even some violent out bursts! Needless to say on this, the last day of school before Thanksgiving Break, I REALLY needed a win! Before he got out of the car today I gave him the "Jayden, I REALLY NEED you to do good today! Make good choices!" talk. Now normally this blog post up til now would be the lead up to a teacher stopping me & saying he didn't do anything but make sounds & spin his finger in class or just sat with blank paper for hours or what ever! Today on the other hand, dad needed a win so when Jayden got in the car & I cautiously asked him " did school go today?" Both Samantha & I waited & he let out the same "Great!" in the same manner/tone he always does but today I didn't have a choice! I tried to be a good parent & pry it out of him, find out what happened, see what all went on! But..... "Jayden, how did school go today?"   "Great!" ... "Well, that's sounds genuine to me! Let's just take that at face value, shall we!"  Sometimes you just gotta give yourself a day, not every day can be super autism parent day. Sometimes you need a run of the mill, phone it in for the holiday weekend kind of parent day! Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

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