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Starting Fresh

By Buxomchick @BUXOMCHICK
I would have been married for ten years this coming August.  My husband and I have separated several times.  The reason I would always go back is because I mostly had no family support and I was gullible to think that things would actually change when I did.  My aunt helped me out once, and I am grateful.  If she doesn't know it, she knows now!  
Starting FreshStarting FreshI left my son(he was the only child then) behind because I had really no one to watch him while I was at work.  I said I would NEVER do that again.  So when I discovered that I was pregnant with my second child(on the right), I ended up going back to him for a third time.  He was very cold and withdrawn.  This man has accused me of cheating with men AND a woman on every job I have ever had.  He has checked my undergarments for signs of this daily.  He would follow me to the bathroom and watch me undress after I got off work.  He would would force his fingers inside me and then try to shove them in my mouth.  This is abuse.  This IS assault.  You don't have to be walking around with a black eye to be abused.  If it hurts, this is assault.  
I left this passed Tuesday, after he came to my job last week and was ranting and raving at the door to my building in front of coworkers and clientele.  When I got home this passed Monday he accused me of cheating and wanted to inspect my maxi pad.  He shoved it into my mouth.  Someone offered to help me get out of the situation.  For that person's safety, I will not say who.  It took some convincing, but eventually I took the kids with me and we are safe, I am in the process of getting assistance so that I can file for divorce and have sole custody of my boys. 
Starting Fresh
I know that he is going to fight me in court, so I may need to enlist the help of a lawyer.  Those of you who know my husband, may or may not be shocked to hear this about him.  You really don't know what goes on behind closed doors.  He tried to drag my name through the mud when he was doing all of these things to me, not caring if the children were around or not.  I left with $41 and some pocket change.  I don't have the funds even with my pending check next week to get a lawyer.  Please help in anyway that you can.  I just want to raise my children in a positive environment with peace of mind.  Thank you in advance for any donations!You can donate at here.

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