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Start Your Day off Right with Some NBA Lockout Tunes

By Realdarinford @realdarinford
Start your day off right with some NBA lockout tunesHa, to my dismay to this abomination to the lockout, you all know how I always enjoy a little bit of humor mixed within. Like this... Our latest lockout laugh comes from TagSquadMusic. TagSquad is a new YouTube channel that conducted her first video as an NBA Lockout blue. To all of you "oldies" out there, you'll probably recognize the tune she wrote it to very quickly. If you ask me the song     as well as singing, of course     is really good. (Much, much, much, much, better than I could pull off, although I think I compose some pretty decent podcasts.)
Here is the vid:

Not bad, eh?
Hopefully this lockout gets moving. (I honestly think i'm still the only optimist left.)
**Author Bio Blurb:
Start your day off right with some NBA lockout tunesDarin Ford is our Editor-In-Chief and main contributor. You can find all of his work here on Officially Hoops by clicking on his archive link.**
Disclaimer: Curated on November 20, 2011.

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