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Start the Learn Language Journey Through These 29 Basic French Phrases

By Tlb
Learn French Language for a journey: Brasserie Lipp

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Every learner needs to start with the basics whenever he decides to learn a new language. It may not seem easy to others, but when one fully understands the basics, everything will just flow smoothly. Besides, one cannot really understand the advanced aspects to learn languageif they haven’t started the basic level, right?

And so this would seem. Learners, particularly French learners should start learning the most common French phrases to have a quick start. Mind you, these basics are learnable even before you have a formal training on the language schools. It would be best as well if you already know some as you go abroad and study French in France, perhaps?


Oh well, here are the basics since you need the lists. You can in fact, start learning by getting familiar with these phrases first then eventually learn its translation and pronunciation. Don’t get pressured of you don’t get the pronunciation quickly. You will get the right tone when you finally have a proper training.


Anyway, here are the 29 lists. Enjoy!





Do you speak English? par-lay voo zon-glay Parlez-vous anglais?

Excuse me/sorry ex-koo-zay mwah Excusez-moi

Fine thanks and you? bee-ehn mer-see ay voo? Merci et vous?

Glad to meet you on-shohn-tay Enchanté

Good-by oh ruh-vwar Au revoir

Good evening bon-swar Bon soir

Good morning/good day bon-zhoor Bon jour

Hello sah-loo Salut

Here ee-see Ici

How are you? kom-mohn tah-lay voo Comment allez-vous?

I don’t understand jhuhn kom-prohn pah Je ne comprends pas

I’m sorry day-zoh-lay/pahr-dohn Desolé/Pardon

My name is juh mah-pell Je m’appelle

No nohn Non

Ok dah-core d’accord

Pardon me pahr-dohn Pardon

Please seel voo play S’il vous plaît

Pleased to meet you ohn–shahn-tay Enchanté(e)

Please speak slowly par-lay lehn-ta-mohn Parlez lentement

So-so kum-see, kum-sah Comme ci, comme ça

Thank you mare-see Merci

That’s ok dah ree-ehn De rien

There lah Là

Very well treh bee-ehn Très bien

What? kom-mohn Comment?

What is your name? kom-mohn voo-za-peh-lay voo Comment vous


When kohn Quand

Where oo Où

You’ re welcome dah ree-ehn De rien


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