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Start In These Useful Phrases Before You Learn Arabic at Language School

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Arabic language is not a very easy language to learn; you and I both know that. However, the difficulty of a language being learned is honestly dependable on the kind of responses and attitude the learner will show with the target language. Remember, nothing is really very difficult for someone who pursued learning in an optimistic manner.

That’s why if you are interested to learn Arabic at language school, you better learn these extremely useful and easy-to-learn basic Arabic phrases before proceeding to take any foreign language courses of your choices. These phrases are composed only with “Good morning”, “Welcome”, and other simple phrases. It’s better to have knowledge first before enrolling to any Arabic language schools, right?

Here are the phrases. Enjoy learning!

Arabic Phrases

Arabic translation (phonemic)

Arabic translation


(ahlan wa sahlan)

(as-salām ‘alaykum)

أهلاً و سهلاً

السلام عليكم


rsp – (wa ‘alaykum as-salām)

inf – (marḥaban)

on phone – (’āllō)

و عليكم السلام



How are you?

(f. kayfa ḥālik / m. kayfa ḥālak)

كيف حالك؟

What’s your name?

My name is…

(mā ismak/ik?)

(… ismee)

ما اسمك؟

… اسمي

Where are you from?

I’m from …

(f. min ayn anti / m. min ayn anta?)

(Anā min …)

من أين أنت؟

أنا من …

Pleased to meet you

Male – (motasharefon bema’refatek)

Female – (motasharefatun bema’refatek)

متشرفة بمعرفتك

صباح الخير

Good morning

(ṣabāḥul kẖayr)

صباح الخير

Good afternoon/ evening

(masā’ al-khayr)

مساء الخير

Good night

(tuṣbiḥ ‘alā khayr)

تصبح على خير


(ilā al-liqā’)

(ma’a as-salāmah)

إلى اللقاء

مع السلامة

Have a nice day

اتمنى لك يوما طيبا

Excuse me

to attract attention – (min faḍlak/ik)

to ask someone to move (al-ma’dirah)

من فضلك!





Thank you

(shukran jazīlan)


شكرا جزيل


Call the police!

(nād ash-shariṭah)

ناد الشرطة!

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