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Starbucks Corporation - SBUX

Posted on the 23 September 2011 by Divstkforcomman @DivStkForComMan
Let's be honest. Isn't it smart to invest in stable companies with a history of customer satifaction and reliability? Look no further. Starbucks Corporation, stock ticker SBUX, is a roaster and retailer of specialty coffee in the world. SBUX sells coffee in more than 50 countries. SBUX not only purchases and roasts whole bean coffees and sells them, but also sells handcrafted tea beverages and a variety of fresh food items, through their retail stores. In addition to SBUX's widely known Starbucks brand, their portfolio includes Seattle’s Best Coffee, Tazo Tea, and Starbucks VIA Ready Brew. In October 2010, the Company acquired Magic Johnson Enterprise’s remaining 50% interest in Urban Coffee Opportunities.
SBUX currently pays shareholders a decent $0.13 per share, that's a 1.35% dividend yield as of September 22nd, 2011. You are probably asking me: Why invest in Starbucks with a 1.35% dividend yield if you have a blog called "Dividend Stock Investing For The Common Man"? Well, SBUX is an excellent company, but I do not just like solid dividend payers. I like undervalued growth stocks with the potential to have consistent quarterly dividend increases. I believe SBUX is here to stay!
Keurig and Dunkin Donuts may achieved their niche in the coffee space, however SBUX is not just a coffee stand, they are a culture. Their customers will support SBUX through and through. It's not just about the coffee though. It's about the coffee-house experience and no one does it like SBUX, even after all these years. Starbucks will expand throughout China in the years to come, meanwhile, Americans are still addicted to their coffee and will pay for premium brew. Take a sip of Starbucks coffee while clicking your BUY button in your Roth IRA brokerage account. Click here to visit Starbucks' homepage, as well as here to visit their Investor Relations website. Watch the video below to learn more about how Starbucks makes their coffee and culture.

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