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Star Trek Fans Abandon Ship

By Therealmcteag @therealmcteag


The Downfall of Star Trek has been long and ugly. The once amazing show is now boring, confusing, pandering and stupid. The current terrible creators cant make a coherent hour of television and haven't managed to do so even by mistake. Its not even an enjoyable Hate-watch. Star Trek Discovery's horrific ratings are richly deserved for Crimes Against The Fandom. Low quality meandering tales of allegedly interesting characters so bad that you stumble to the end horrified and relieved to turn it off.


In 2009 fans were outright lied to by JJ Abrams and Bad Reboot. They managed to make one ok but Non Rewatchable movie in 2009 and as always fell way behind schedule while going way over budget. Promised TV shows never see a lick of attention and die on the vine. Then awful Star Trek Into Darkness keeps right on poisoning the groundwater in 2013 with Star Treks version of The Rise of Skywalker.

After 10 minutes upfront that felt like Star Trek the story fell off a cliff with Bones and Jim. The sloppy movie was too cute by half and dumb as could be. It begins the tradition of JJ Abrams being laughed off a franchise after boasting he would save it. He leaves like he leaves Star Wars, destroying the movie side of the franchise. Despite moving on from JJ things got worse anyway.

Along comes talentless and terrible Alex Kurtzman, whose shows plumb the bottom depths of irrelevance and unpopularity all over the CBS Moniker. He shows up (instead of a willing Quentin Tarantino) and unleashes a torrent of stupid even less amusing than even lowly Space:1999! The shows that came out were uninteresting and unfit for regular TV. Now we're awash in terrible stories with preposterously high stakes.

Along for our nightmarish and terrible journey are the kind of characters you would expect from a show called 'Star Trek- Penal Colony'. Inappropriate reactions, nonsensical dialogue and an absence of any appearance of competence are the Hallmarks of the shows. We're forced to endure everything from idiotic Emo Vulcans, Klingons who look like melted bubble gum and Romulan's who were right all along but get attacked and kind of lose anyway. There's nothing but contrived plots, unresolved Mystery Boxes, constant failed injections of action, key jangling, pandering and a total lack of substance in these stories that are thrown out with no real effort, professionalism or set up.

Discovery comes out of the gate first and is just hard to watch. If it wasn't Star Trek it would be long gone, and the writers know this. More and more it seems like these no talent hacks seem to be trying to sabotage and complicate Star Trek so they can keep it. I will not pay to subsidize terrible Star Trek anymore.

The new, terrible Star Trek has already destroyed one streaming platform and is on its way to killing another. The franchises Facebook page has about many fans as a third tier WNBA team. The content is nonstop Diversity Signalling and angry comments as well as censorship of all critcism by the CBS minders.

The stories are sub-awful and can't really be discussed for advertising because its nonsense that doesn't even make an interesting trailer. So their bad characters are just there front center engaging in nonsensical plot-less stories that take TEN JOYLESS HOURS and always use the same ending- stopping a genocide. Gone are the days of caring about any one character enough for that to be considered story worthy- the fans would be pleased to see any of these characters killed off and the actors released from their pain.

For a moment Picard seemed to be promising, but episode 3 falls off a cliff. We end up with a boring, disengaging story. It was absolutely low effort and lazily written. Another genocide tale; for the third time in a row between Picard Discovery. All 30 hours was idiotic, needlessly complicated politics between the same two or three factions which often dead ended and never made any sense.

While we had that mess to consider they drop out another genocide oriented ten hour Discovery 'story' and the latest insult - Star Trek Lower Decks, which is an Upper Decker on the fans in the spirit of a derivative take in Futurama in a bad cartoon.Then the volume of material really goes up as quality fades into the distant past with unwatchable Short Treks. In these terrible 7 minute canonical riffs they seem to be trying to give Star Trek a Crack smoking habit or something. The nonstop use of contrivances to stumble through a meaningless poorly made awful story is predictable and exhausting.


Non Stop subversion of characters the writers never liked or understood is non entertaining and deeply annoying. Spock has been destroyed. The very worst thing to do would be to help the Kurtzman crew keep the show. If they do it will degenerate for years more in obscurity as they keep ruining classic characters. On Twitter the shows rarely trend as well as the classic shows and movies. Deep Space 9 outperforms Discovery regularly on social media.

There's no solace from the idiocy and mediocrity of the stories. Even moribund Star Wars has The Mandalorian to help fans cope. Theres no Civil War at CBS with a better faction of writers like seems to be case at Lucasfilm. Instead theres an organized insurgency of scared writers desperate to not lose another gig. They came to terms with having no talent years ago and feel entitled destroy Star Trek so they can crank out bad comics and novels to agitate to have terrible scratch takes become shows too in the form of Strange New Worlds. Another bait & switch title about a show that's allegedly filming but somehow is completely different and changes with every fresh wave of criticism. We can only hope its never released.

The few fans of these shows literally have no taste. Well, I have a stake in Star Trek as a fan. All of us do. Fan feedback saved DS-9 when the writers listened and added some more characters and gave them a ship.

Now fans are baited and lied to for pat on the head. I refuse to simply accept this like some character in a Dickens novel who has no choices. The time has to come to boycott Star Trek and CBS. We deserve better. Star Trek Fans- ABANDON SHIP! Its the only way to get a chance to restore quality to this poorly served fandom. Sorry Gene Roddenberry- looks like your great grandchildren might actually have to get a job. Because Im not paying to watch what its become- meaningless bad divisive TV that depresses people and increases intolerance.

Computer Set auto destruct. Fans - Abandon Ship!


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