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Star Citizen - So What is This - Game I'm Flying?

Posted on the 31 October 2016 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Star Citizen - so what is this - game I'm flying?
STAR CITIZEN, is it a singleplayer with an optional sandbox, or is it a sandbox with scripted missions?
You'all have read my first and most recent Star Citizen post entitled DOORS where I went into gruesome detail about how to salvage some multiplayer usability from the product SC's sold itself as.
But what really is it? This game? What is its user-end experience?
SC's universe is being rendered in vast scope... and the kickstarter budget is still growing, allowing for new feature blurt... and the bug reports are probably flooding in and being 'arbitrarily fixed' i.e. hacked with values that'll be fine until n-players start testing the metal of the fix. But is it a unified vision? Does it have Nintendo-realism and laws that are unbreakable within the simulation of reality that all games are?
And the controls look BEWILDERING for the payoff, is it really all they could come up with? Where's the purity? Take a lovely N64 game like 1080 Snowboarding where all the interface could be played with one hand i.e. all you had to do was alter the plane of the board to the plane of the snow. Oh, and ducking reduced your wind resistance and aided landing. I mean, "This is the purity Star Citizen is lacking."
The basis of any good solid  multiplayer entertainment experience is how one gets a vast number of players from A to B in terms of narrative or gamescape i.e. how the boots fit and how the horse feels after hours in the dusty saddle. And that's all the best multiplayer games are, you and your trusty horse.  :)

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