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Star Citizen - Roadmap Update - Wot No Multi-system?

Posted on the 18 August 2018 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Star Citizen - Roadmap Update - wot no multi-system?
after someone in the dev team accidentally uploaded a 3.3-3.6 Roadmap a couple of weeks ago that was all sortsa wrong, RSI aka CIG aka makers of both the Star Citizen and Squadron 42 games have finally uploaded THE PROPER ROADMAP charting the expected progress of the Star Citizen (it's not a f***ing sandbox) game through to the end of 2019...
Most obvious omission this time, apart from Hurston-system planets Crusader or Microtech, "No mention of MULTI-SYSTEM," now I know that there's lots to be getting on with, I mean, "There's a whole universe of possibilities to open up," graphically, gameplay-wise and narratively.
Actually, another great omission from ANY STAR CITIZEN publicity or roadmap or published plans, it seems, is the switch from the totally story-driven single-payer event that is Squadron 42 to the totally story-driven multi-payer event that is 'the verse' or Star Citizen. One thing's for certain, the backers think they're getting a MMO or Sandbox, but I'll lay good money they get a cutscene. And by this I mean, look at the new Roadmap i.e. the influx of New Mission Givers. I mean, queue up game, or what?
If Star Citizen's an actual gaming sandbox, then THE PLAYERs will be generating all the missions, side-missions, assassination missions, uber-style taxi missions, the espionage and the hierarchic war of economy vs alien incursion. But no... and I've said it before, "Star Citizen is being written as a scripted sim space where 'you the payer' are merely a guest NOT A COMMANDER or CORPORATE BOSS or PLANETARY RULER in the 'verse.
Back to the Roadmap, there's no mention of a prototype or concerted development in the area of MULTI-SYSTEM TRAVERSAL or ECONOMY or ANYTHING. It's like, "CIG are just hoping to plug in access to the verse and it'll work?" or something. Coming soon, TM.

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