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Star Citizen - Piracy Interdiction Routing - Accretion Disc Gameplay

Posted on the 20 January 2019 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN

Star Citizen - piracy interdiction routing -  accretion disc gameplay

this is the kinda gameplay I want...

...and by 'gameplay' I mean 'sandbox features that allow for multiplayer fun'.
"Mike, what's fun about restrictive stellar accretion disc gameplay?" where the play area is basically a two-dimensional plane and the lanes between static trading planets are easy-pickings from pirate interdictions and taxes from corporations.
Well, look at this schematic of the Stanton Star System that includes planets Hurston, Arc Corp, Microtech, Crusader and their moons. Look real close. While CI's Star Citizen currently suffers from planar/static gameplay with easy trace-route solutions masquerading as gameplay, this design image hints towards maybe planetary-orbits that are not all on the same plane, maybe even the orbits aren't going round in the same direction, maybe the spin axes aren't all aligned...
I think there's REAL POTENTIAL here for decent multiplayer sandbox gameplay iff CI:
  • allow for non-planar orbits of planets and moons
  • allow for non-linear quantum travel, off the accretion disc's plane
  • allow for gaming variety based on a living and relationally ever-changing gamescape

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