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Star 'child' is an ADULT - AMMACH Lloyd Pye Update

Posted on the 20 September 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Star 'child' is an ADULT - AMMACH Lloyd Pye updateAMMACH project interviewed 'starchild researcher' Lloyd Pye in front of a small audience at StarChild Sponsor Belinda McKenzie's Highgate residence in UK and got the latest updates from his investigation into the amazing skull found in 1930s and dating back to about 1100 AD.
Revelations in this update:
1) though from a very short 'humanoid', THIS IS THE SKULL OF AN ADULT.
2) the thin-boned tough-boned i.e. fibre-reinforced tooth-enamel-like skull of this 'starchild' has a capacity of 1600cc, that's 200cc MORE than a full-grown human adult.
3) it's looking like the 'eye' of this thing is a FIXED EYE and the 'outer lens' we associate with The Grays, the black almond-shaped eye is actually some sort of lens giving 180 degree vision.
Yes, Lloyd Pye is stating that the STARCHILD SKULL is actually 'the skull of a Gray' in this most recent interview with the AMMACH chaps -- the plot (certainly) thickens.

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