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Standing up to THE MAN Gets Them Nowhere but Jail

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Knowing nothing about who these people were other than generic "Israelis" I can say ahhh, Israelis.
On a recent United Airlines flight from Newark to Tel Aviv, a couple of unruly Israeli passengers made a ruckus insisting on self-upgrading their seats to some empty seats in business class, against the instructions of the flight attendants. Refusing to back down while insisting on staying in the business class seats, the crew made a decision to turn the flight around and head back to Newark. The unruly passengers were supposedly arrested upon arrival in Newark. By that time the flight could not continue, and supposedly the rest of the passengers were to be taken care by being put in hotels with food and arrangements made for continuing the trip on alternate flights.
Just the day before this incident an American Airlines flight to London had been turned around due to a passenger refusing to comply with the mask mandate. sources: TOICNNDans Deals
There is no indication that this passenger on the American Airlines flight was an Israeli or a Jew so it seems safe to say that there are idiots and inconsiderate people from a variety of communities and societies who are willing to inconvenience an entire plane-full of passengers for the point they want to make..
I dont know what any of these people are thinking when they do this? As important they think the demand they are making is, have they been living under a rock for the past 2 years, or 20 years (since September 11, 2021)? How do they think they can get away with such behavior on airplanes nowadays? What do they think is going to happen - they are going to be the one person who gets away with it and stands up to THE MAN successfully on an airplane and wins?
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