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Standing Out As A Small Business (Video)

Posted on the 22 August 2012 by Cr8inc @CR8inc

Making Your Marketing Matter

In this video Seth Godin succinctly explains why marketing dynamics are changing across the spectrum and why it is vital for you business to stand out. Forget about big budget advertising for your small business. Quit interrupting people with your message. It doesn't work anymore! Instead focus on creating content relevant to your business that people find useful, and engaging. Become the go-to source for the products you sell and people will find you.
Just like with inbound marketing you don't necessarily have to follow conventional marketing rules. It's all about creating compelling content, delivering a strong value proposition and attracting your customers to the top end of your sales funnel. Its a short video but the message is strong. In order to succeed in a world full of great ideas you have to find a way to get your idea to the top. Throwing money at the problem just isnt going to cut it anymore. 

find out how your business can stand out with inbound marketing. 


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