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Stalker's Guide To... Another New Mike Philbin Novel?

Posted on the 09 January 2014 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
STALKER'S GUIDE TO... is a potentially massive novel that's been playing in the back of my mind for 'a few years' now.
SGT... started out as an idea for a Video Game, but I didn't 'go through with it' in any constructive sense, and it's just been there, in the background. I've explored certain aspects of this story, this interventionist world, in recent novels Bukkakeworld (2008) and Tandem (2013) for example, but that's all they are; snippets of, referential to, jarring visuals from; nothing more than.
With my second Free Planet novel #2 LIBERATOR now in its first-draft (spell checked) bag, and being read by already-available Free Planet novel #1 CUSTODIAN editor Alex Severin, this is where Stalker's REAL STORY about time and space and really weird Travelogue-derived City-crammed narrative gets a chance for a proper airing.
Locations: Paris, Los Angeles, Cologne, Grenada, Oxford, Los Angeles (to fix an earlier mission failure).

I've added a link (at the top of this post) to the STALKER'S GUIDE TO... blog, created to chart the progress of this new 'genreclectic' Mike Philbin novel.

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