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St Patricks Day Parade Hoboken (Debauchery Rehearsal)

By Quickroute @quickroute
The parade is held a few weeks early every year in Hoboken - New Jersey, since the main event in New York City on March 17th overshadows everything else.  I got to take part in the parade this year which was a blast.  The bars open at 10am and charge $20 entry and the lines go around the block so we bailed out of the parade early and crashed a party complete with beer keg and games of beer pong.  There is a really heavy police presence with a zero tolerance policy towards drinking or peeing outside or in a non designated spot. $2,000 fine if caught.  Some enterprising local put up a sign (see pic below) offering toilet facilities for just u$d10!
St Patricks Day Parade Hoboken (Debauchery rehearsal) Gotta Pee? $10 please!
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