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St. Patrick’s Day Recipe Roundup

By Rachel Conners @bakeritablog
Irish Car Bomb Cake from bethcakes.com | Photo/recipe credit to Beth!

Irish Car Bomb Cake from bethcakes.com | Photo/recipe credit to Beth!

I’m starting to really miss baking. While doing this roundup…I was dreaming about all the fun St. Patrick’s Day inspired recipes that I would make if I were home. I’m thinking chocolate, booze, and more chocolate. Major kitchen home-sickness. Also, a ton of my friends here are going to DUBLIN for St. Patrick’s Day. Could you imagine a more fun time to visit?! I’m not going…but going to Copenhagen instead isn’t a bad way to spend the weekend either (if I don’t go broke) :O

Anyways – enough about me. While I drowned in my kitchenless sorrows, I rounded up some absolutely amazing-looking recipes from all of our favorite bloggers for you to drool over. We have booze, we have chocolate, and we have sprinkles. What more could one ask for?! I mean…seriously. That cake above?! That’s an Irish Car Bomb Cake from BethCakes.com, and I want to eat it all (thanks for letting me use your photo, Beth!). I also added some savory treats, to round out your sweet binge. Take some clicks around, and prepare to be impressed/hungry. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and remember to wear green on Monday. Don’t want to get pinched!

And for the savory…

Please make these foods, and tell me about them, so I can wallow in jealousy.


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