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Sshh Don’t Wake Dad! (Review & Competition)

By Evette Garside @evette77
"Dad is sleeping in his bed, hungry children dare to tread. the fridge is full of yummy cake buy they need be careful not to wake! Along the way are many traps, teddies squeaking, food falling but will dad keep on snoring? Bang, rattle, shake and crash. Stand on a pin and try not to laugh. One more sound and up dad gets and the naughty children run back to their beds."

Yes I made that poem up myself!

Sshh Don’t Wake Dad! (Review & competition)

This is the "Sshh don't wake dad" board game from Drumond Park. It sounds quite silly but believe me, it really is so much fun.

It requires 2 AA batteries to play and requires minimal set up. The box contains a small board, dad in the bed, cards. Spinner and playing pieces which are all in the shape of children in pyjamas.

Sshh Don’t Wake Dad! (Review & competition)

The idea of the game is simple, get your child piece from one side of the board to the other, but of course there is a catch; you have to do it without waking dad.

Each piece along the board has both a colour and picture. The spinner determines which colour space you move to. If someone already occupies the next colour space then you move forward to the next one. The plus sign allows a player to take a card from another player and the slipper sign on the spinner allows a player to advance one square past the player in front or spin again.

Each square picture is matched to one of the cards (which get given out equally at the start of the game). These pictures are images of things and noises that could wake dad up. If you are lucky enough to own the card on the space your on then that means your safe, if not then you have to press the button near dads bed the number of times the square space tells you to. If dad stays asleep. However if he jumps up you go back to bed at the start of the game and keep the noise card that caused him to wake up.

Sshh Don’t Wake Dad! (Review & competition)

When a player reaches the fridge at the end of the board, they then need to press dads button one more time, if he wakes it's back to the start but if not then they have won. This makes the game much more fun, along with the advance part of the spinner as it means the one in front is not always the winner.

We all enjoy this game, even Izebella who is slightly below the recommend age guide of 5 years. When dad jumps up it can be quite scary so Izebella doesn't like pressing the button. It can be unnerving when it needs to be pressed 3 or 4 times too.

It's a game for 2-4 players and has an RRP of £22.99.


Drumond park are givng away one "Sshh don't wake dad" game. This would make a great family game for holidays or a Christmas present (no it's not that far off now).

To take part please click the link below.

Entrants must reside in the UK. Ends August 19th 2016.

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