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Squirrel Gets Stuck In Sticky Situation

By Petslady @petslady

Squirrels are not exactly the shyest creatures on the planet, and they are no strangers to finding themselves in difficult -- and entertaining -- situations. One squirrel in Germany went above and beyond in mischief. It got its head stuck in a manhole cover and couldn't get out again. Squirrel (Photo by Cody Hough/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Squirrel (Photo by Cody Hough/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)

Fortunately, a motorist who nearly squashed the rodent into road kill stopped and called the police. Officers in the small town of Isernhagen responded to the incident. They worked to try to free the animal from its predicament, including pulling up the manhole cover, but it wouldn't budge in either direction.

A housewife turned up with a bottle of olive oil and they greased up the little critter. After another quarter of an hour they finally managed to free the squirrel.

The squirrel declined the offer of a medical checkup following the incident, but was apparently well enough to scamper up the nearest tree with an obvious sense of relief. 

Source: Mail Online

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