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Spyware Terminator – Online Security Authority Top Pick

By Simone Design Blog @HomeSpire

I am so glad I downloaded Spyware Terminator, it has been one of my best decisions for this summer! I was contacted by a Spyware Terminator representative Tereza Kyselakova, to take a look at the possibility of using their product and giving them my opinion. Being in the Online Security field, I get many requests to do this for companies and products from around the world, and quite frankly most them just want someone to promote them and to get a little free PR! I am very selective on the products I choose to use my own system, to run tests and see if I can recommend their products and services to my clients and online visitors. I have officially been using Spyware Terminator for two weeks now. I'll tell you what, I have downloaded many products but this product, Spyware Terminator, which I have been using, is wonderful!!! Everything right from the get go, it is easy to install, no-hidden spyware, adware, or viruses, it fixes problems immediately, has a built in Web-Security Guard to tell me instantly of potentially dangerous web sites, and the list goes on.

I have officially removed my copy of Panda Security, which I have been very disappointed with for last few months but had paid for a full year of service. I have tried to get them to get back with me on updates, and to fix some minor problems, with no luck. Spyware Terminator is a wonderful product find. Thanks to Tereza and her willingness to share this product with me. This product has been a real blessing is disguise for many reasons, the main one being Spyware Terminator and the Crawler line of products are far superior to many products that I have paid for in the past. I had the privilege of interviewing Todd Karasick, of Corporate Communications for Spyware Terminator. Wow!! What a great interview, Todd did a fantastic job of representing your company and it's products. We had some minor difficulties before the show went live, yet Todd did an awesome job. I really appreciated him and for his willingness to be on the OSA Live Radio Show. I believe the interview went very well and can be of great benefit for both our companies.

If you would like to have a copy of the live radio show, here is your download link: Todd Karasick interview! or listen to the Your Online Security Authority live radio! As I have said, normally I find something wrong with a product that I review, and to be honest because of the depth Spyware Terminator went into my hard drive looking for the problems on my PC, it actually fixed a bug I had with my desktop since the day I purchased it, 2 years ago, I give it my highest rating and I have posted this review! OSAuthority Top Pick for 2007 Sincerely, Bill Wardell Your Online Security Authority

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