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SPSSI and The Clara Mayo Grants @spssi #discrimination #causeachatter @blogchatter #Sexism #Racism #Prejudice @aikawa_26 @Laura_A_Pazos

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

SPSSI stands for Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues. The Clara Mayo Grants is in support of Masters' theses and Pre-Dissertation Research on Sexism, Racism, or Prejudice. The preference is given to the students who enroll in a terminal master's program. The students who can apply for the Clara Mayo Grants must be involved in the studies of the application of the theory of the design of interventions or treatments to address these problems. For eligibility of this grant, an individual must be a registered member of SPSSI. He/She must have matriculated in any of the graduate programs in psychology, applied social science, and related disciplines. A student can either apply for a Grants-In-Aids or the Clara Mayo award in the same award year. Any applicant can submit only one Clara Mayo Grant application in a calendar year. The grant is awarded twice a year. There are two rounds - Spring round and Fall round. The deadline for submitting application for the Spring round is May 15 and for the Fall round is October 15. The winners for the Spring round are declared by July 15. The winners for the Fall round are declared by December 15. 

A maximum of six grants are awarded each cycle. The maximum amount of any grant is $1,000. Though preference is given to proposals that include a college or university agreement in order to match the amount requested, but proposals without matching funds are also considered for the Clara Mayo Grant. Late applications in both the rounds are held until the next deadline. The award money is sponsored by SPSSI Clara Mayo Memorial Fund which is made possible by contributions from the family and friends of Professor Clara Mayo and by SPSSI member donations. Applications for this award can be submitted online here. 

SPSSI and The Clara Mayo Grants @spssi #discrimination #causeachatter @blogchatter #Sexism #Racism #Prejudice @aikawa_26 @Laura_A_Pazos

Let's congratulate the Fall 2022 winners of the Clara Mayo Grants Program. Fall 2022 Clara Mayo Grants recipients are:

Sheba Aikawa (University of Colorado Boulder)

Untrustworthy ally: The unintended consequences of messages targeting Black women

Samuel Carr (Northeastern University)

Gender Inclusive Movement for Youth in K-12 Schools: An Exploratory Study

Elise Kaufman (University of Maryland, College Park)

Children’s Evaluations about Teacher and Peer Bias in the Classroom Context

Liora Morhayim (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

Buffering Effects of Negative Intergroup Contact through Complex Social Identities

Laura Pazos (University of Reno, Nevada)

Perceptions of Gender Nonconforming Child Bearers and Abortion in the Wake of Overturning Roe v. Wade

Yiwei Quan (University of Toronto)

Chinese international students and anti-Asian racism on campus in Canada: Advocacy, coping strategies, and social media discourse

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