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Sprouts Mixed Vegetable Pulao

By Pavani @napavani
Today's recipe is from a Telugu cooking show and I have made it a number of times since I watched the show. It is a healthy and delicious dish with sprouts, mixed vegetables and spicy masala paste. This is a great way to use sprouts and with the addition of mixed vegetables, it is a balanced dish to serve for lunch or dinner. It also reheats really well making it perfect for lunchboxes.  Sprouts Mixed Vegetable Pulao
Sprouts Mixed Vegetable Pulao Ingredients:
Basmati Rice - 1cup Onion - 1 large, finely chopped Ginger + garlic paste - 1tsp Mixed Vegetables - 1cup (I used 1 small potato and 1 small carrot) Sprouts - 1cup Tomatoes - 2 medium, chopped Mint leaves - 2tbsp, finely chopped Cilantro leaves - 3tbsp, finely chopped Salt - to taste For the Masala Paste: Coriander seeds - 1tbsp Cumin seeds - 2tsp Red Chilies - 3 Green chilies - 3 (adjust the quantity of chilies based on your taste preference) Grated coconut - 3tbsp, fresh or dry Peppercorns - 4~5 Mint leaves - 2tbsp 
  • Rinse and soak the rice in cold water for at least 30 minutes.
  • Microwave the veggies until tender and keep aside.
  • Boil the sprouts until cooked through and keep ready.
  • Make the masala Paste: Grind all the ingredients for masala with little water to make a smooth paste.
  • Heat 2tbsp oil + 1tbsp ghee in a large saute pan; add the onions and saute until lightly browned around the edges, about 8~10 minutes. Add ginger+garlic paste and cook for 1~2 minutes.
  • Next add the masala paste, cooked mixed vegetables and sprouts. Mix well and cook for 3~4 minutes until the masala doesn't smell raw anymore.
  • Add the herbs, tomatoes and salt. Mix well and cooked covered until the tomatoes turn mushy, about 4~5 minutes.
  • Add the cooked rice and mix well. Cook covered for 3~4 minutes for the flavors to mingle. Adjust the seasoning and serve hot.
Sprouts Mixed Vegetable Pulao
Sprouts Mixed Vegetable Pulao
Linking this to Valli's 'Cooking from Cookbook Challenge: June -- Week 1'.

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