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Spring Skincare Tips for Men

By Menscience

Springtime is here, and you can’t help feeling a little happier and more confident. Before you start taking long walks in the park and enjoying the sunshine, though, you need to learn how to take care of your skin. The change in climate and the change in temperature can leave your skin vulnerable to damage. With a few simple tips at your disposal, you can make your skin look great throughout the spring season.

Protect Against the Sun

You might already know that prolonged sun exposure can damage your skin, but you might not know that the sun can affect your skin no matter how much time you spend outside. Even driving to work, walking to a neighbor’s house or playing outside with your kids can expose your skin to those harsh rays.

Now that spring is here, you need to make sure that you apply a thin layer of sunscreen to your skin every day. MenScience TiO2 Sunblock SPF 30 is a moisturizing sunscreen that won’t leave your skin feeling greasy – check it out here.

Use Masks and Vitamins

Dry skin is a major winter problem, and it’s just as bad in the spring. A simple exfoliating mask can help you fight back, leaving you with healthy and properly hydrated skin. Make sure that you drink plenty of water and take vitamins, too. The water hydrates your skin, while the vitamins improve elasticity, giving you skin that you’ll want to show off this spring.

In fact, many men aren’t getting enough water. Remember that old adage about eight glasses a day? Well, it turns out you need more that. Read this article for the facts.

Repel Insects

If you plan to spend any amount of time outside this spring, you also need to protect your skin against insects and bugs. Even the smallest of bug bites can ruin your look, but it’s easy to stop those insects in their tracks. Look for an insect repellent specifically designed for sensitive skin. These sprays and lotions lack the harsh chemicals and other ingredients that might otherwise dry out your skin.

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