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Spring is in the Air

By Nicelise
Spring is in the AirAlthough Mother Nature played a cruel April Fool's joke on us last Friday in the form of snow, there have been a couple days this week that reminded that it is in fact spring time. Flowers are starting to bloom, the sun is rising earlier and setting later, you can now hear the birds chirping in the morning and the only thing putting a damper on this time of year are those spring showers.
When I walk outside in the morning and the sun in shining, birds are chirping and I don't need to wear my winter coat, I am both pleasantly surprised and happy. After this awful winter, this spring is needed more than ever.
But it's not just the new season that is making us feel happier, according to an article I read by love is also in the air when spring is sprung. In fact, the article goes as far as saying that it is easier to fall in love during spring.
The additional sunshine reduces melatonin levels, the hormone that regulates your wake and sleep cycle, making you feel more energized gives you a mood adjustment. The warmer temperatures cause us to shed all the layers of clothing we packed on during the winter -- the extra skin showing makes it easier to reach one another's sexual cues in addition to being a turn on.
The article continues with a sociologist stating that we tend to hold onto relationships in the winter, not wanting to end them before the holidays. When the new year rolls around, it becomes easier for us to let go of relationships that no longer make us happy and look for new opportunities. But the changes that come with spring make our mind and body "more ready for new connections."
I guess I can agree with some of these ideas, especially the decreased melatonin making me want to take naps at my desk, but I think there is another factor that facilitates new relationships in the spring. We are no longer cooped up sitting by a fire place desperately trying to get warm. We are no longer stuck in the house during snow storms dreading the shoveling and snow clean up. And we are no longer avoiding any reason to go outside into the cold.
So what's my point? Winter is gone, sunny, warm weather is here and we are outside enjoying it. We're walking around town, eating outside and going out much more often. The more you are out and about, the more likely you're going to meet someone, which is where that happy mood and swingy sundress are the icing on the cake. Also, physically being happier and smiling more makes you more approachable by the opposite sex.
I think there's also something to be said about all of the blooming and pollination going on in spring -- there's literally sex in the air. Spring is also a big wedding season. All parts of this new (desperately needed) warm and flowery season are leading us towards love and sex.
xoxo Nickie

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