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Spring Homeware Notes

By Winyeemichelle
Spring Homeware Notes

Some little home updates I've got up my metaphorical sleeve. (Haven't worn anything sleeved in about a month mate.) With spring here and ready to give a bonus sunshine-induced dose of happy, I’ve been feeling more and more inclined to spruce up my apartment.
I moved into this place in the depths of winter and even looking around where I’m sat home now – at the dining table FYI – it’s pretty obvious that I was all about the gray to match the dreary season. Since settling in I’ve finetuned some of my interior tastes and even introduced a smidgen of colour, who’d have thunk it?!
I’m still a long way away from feeling like I can waste allocate an entire weekend-day to repainting the place, but my current favoured color palette consists of chalk whites, duck egg blue, peachy orange, cherry pink and maize yellow. Fresh, flora and fauna inspired and all complementary of each other in an offbeat, mismatched manner.
1. A new throw and cushions. So I’m slightly stating the obvious with this one but a bright throw or just a new one can instantly liven up a lounge. The plaid one I had all winter is being relocated to storage for now and in its place I’m currently coveting this – also plaid! – number from Zara Home.
2. Fresh blooms. You’ve entered dangerous territory when you spend 30% of your leisure time thinking about which plants to buy next, right? I’m thinking some fawn lilies, Chinese hellebore, Baby’s breath and primrose to add to my little cove windowsill garden. I’m also going to pick up a money plant: spring is the season for newness and all.
3. Doormats. Gawd, I really have become somethin’ else here. Doormats. On Daisybutter. Huh. But there’s good logic to this as your doormat is typically what you see first upon arriving home, hence there’s plenty of purpose to it. I spied this one on Tumblr and a quick Google took me to Etsy – perfect!
4. Wall decals. If like 90% of twenty-somethings, you’re renting a place to semi-call your own, wall decals are the simplest way to upgrade your décor. Ok, so some are particularly garish (read: quotes stolen from Pinterest and rendered in 50 terrible typefaces) but I’ve hunted down these from and there are lots in the Dragon Centre, Cheung Sha Wan in HK.
5. DIY décor. At some point this weekend I’m going to pop up some string and mini pegs in my living room to mimic the décor in my bedroom back in England. I can’t stop photographing flowers at the moment and hope to hang some of those up and some of my favorite friends-and-family Instax snaps.
6. Fragrance diffusers. Because a home isn't a home unless it smells like a hotel and 32 degree heat plus humidity isn't a place for candles. Sorry blogger population.
How do you refresh your interiors for new seasons?

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