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Spring Cleaning is in Effect!

By Heather @home_modern

So remember when my living room looked like this?…

Spring Cleaning is in Effect!

Well, for most of the weekend it looked like this…

Spring Cleaning is in Effect!

Yes, get scared. That’s what going through every single box in the basement looks like. And we’re talking boxes from as far back as high school and college. It was pretty bad, but I’m serious about this spring cleaning folks. Thankfully no one from the neighborhood stopped by–they might have signed us up for Hoarders.

The mess is now contained and I was able to consolidate about 20 boxes down to only 5 or 6 that are going back into the basement for long-term storage. And, lots of the newer/gently used items are going into the “Decor Sale” my friend Shelby and I are having on June 9th. More details on that later, but if you’re interested in checking it out e-mail me for more information at [email protected]


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