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Spring Bliss

By Decorology @decorology_blog
The weather has been so wishy-washy. Teasing us with a 70 degree day, and then bringing us back down by dropping to 50 overnight! But, the leaves are finally on the trees, and the days are longer - so it's safe to say Spring is here.
Spring blissI love the longer days...so beautiful
via KML Design
Spring blissDomino Mag
Spring bliss...and fresh flowers. The first image is flowers in tea tins. I do this, but my tea tins aren't water tight so I put a juice glass with water inside the tea tin and just put the flowers in the glass. The second image is a cute idea: use some glass bottles (they don't have to match), wrap some jute or hemp around them - and you get a lovely handpicked, country centerpiece.
via Country Living
Spring bliss....weekends in the country....
via NiKreations
Spring blissLove the lanterns hanging from the trees!
via Scandinavian Chic
Spring blissMeals outside..
When I was a kid, we out outside every evening in the summer. We didn't have a patio, so we just set up chairs and a table right out in the yard
Spring bliss2 images above via Rue Magazine
Spring blissThe ultimate---poolside...
via Design Interior
How do you enjoy spring?

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