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Spread L-o-v-e #4: Hair Ties for a Pretty Little Girl!

By A Happy Mum @A_Happy_Mum
June has arrived in the blink of an eye and it's time for my Spread L-o-v-e giveaway #4!Do you have a little girl at home who loves to tie up her hair in ponytails and pleats? My girl has totally fallen in love with it recently and even wants me to tie up her hair when we're at home. So, I was inspired to make some hair accessories for this giveaway.This month, I'm giving away a collection of six hair ties with cute little felt animals hand sewn onto each of them.Frankly speaking, though I've hunted the craft shops here in Karlskrona and even online, I'm not totally satisfied with the quality of the felt cloth and hair ties I've used because I could have gotten better ones at a cheaper rate back in Singapore.So, if you're expecting these hair ties to be of a quality that you can find in boutiques, well, then you'd better go to the boutiques. However, if you are just looking for a simple gift to surprise your kid, your niece or any little girl that you adore, then this might just be it.For those interested, you can learn to make these from the book "Cute stuff" by Aranzi Aronzo.  Disclaimer: Materials used include felt, embroidery thread and sewing thread. As small parts are included, if you are giving these to a girl who is under 3 and loves to gobble up anything she sees, please exercise extra caution and don't come after me if the sheep breaks a horn or the bear loses an eye. The hair ties come in six different colours with different animals as shown in the pictures. You can mix and match them in anyway you want and in this case, a bunny can go hand in hand with a bear.Here's how to enter:1) Like A Happy Mum's Facebook page here if you have not done so.2) Leave a comment below in this post and complete the line:I want these hair ties because __________.3) Kindly leave your email address so I can reach you. If you do not wish to post your address here, simply leave a comment but drop me a separate note at Who can take part:Anyone who truly wishes to own these!Results:This giveaway ends on 6th June (Wed) midnight. A winner will be randomly selected and contacted via email. Results will be posted on the following day. Good luck and have a great weekend ahead!

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