Spotlight: My Very Own Studio, Yoga+ Singapore

Posted on the 21 March 2019 by Ponderingyogini @PonderingY

Life has a million and one ways to throw you off a routine that you have seemingly become comfortable with, but I have also learned that comfort is a dangerous thing. It stops challenging you, it stops stimulating you, and eventually, motivation starts to wear thin. The past couple of months have been a whirlwind of sorts. I’ve always been buried deep in work and teaching yoga, but these few months were different.

Owning my own studio is an item of my bucket list that I had planned to strike off when I’m in my mid-thirties or forties. I had contemplated many other paths and possibilities from teaching yoga full time over the past year and a half, but I haven’t really quite entertained the thought of actually opening my own studio now.

I’ve always believed that the universe kicks you in the butt to work when it finds that your potential is not fulfilled. In this case, I would like to think that way too. Never in my wildest dreams would I had expected myself to be doing this at the age of 24.

I am very psyched to share with you guys Yoga+, a place located in the heart of Chinatown, that I have opened with my two other business partners, Suffian and Bianca. We had our official opening party last Saturday, and the turn out over the past week has been amazing and very unexpected. We spent two weeks preparing the place, painting, fixing furniture, cleaning, putting everything in order – and to see students filling up the place and practicing on the mats makes our heart very full.

Yoga+ is a studio like no other – we aim to bring the experience of yoga beyond the mat and the physical asanas. All three of us feel that yoga is not just about the asanas. It’s also a state of mind, it is a lifestyle, and most importantly, it can be something very accessible and relatable to everyone, regardless of your background, where you come from, and what your beliefs are. We hold monthly workshops and initiatives to help our students value-add their practice beyond the physical.

So if you are in Singapore, do drop by Yoga+ and come say hi! No matter whether you’re very new to yoga, or the advanced practitioner, there is always something for you.

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