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Spotify Alternative: 10 Best Spotify Alternatives to Choose From

Posted on the 05 August 2017 by Jyoti92 @Jyoti_Chauhan1

Looking for best Spotify Alternative? If yes, then you have landed on right page. Today I am going to share top 10 Best Spotify Alternatives.

Nowadays, downloading music is getting out of trend. The streaming music is taking its place. In this new era of streaming music dominance, Spotify has turned out to be the most popular music streaming service. With more than 20 million songs, it is a celestial jukebox.

Recently, it has managed to cross a milestone of 100m paying subscribers worldwide. However, not everyone considers it as the best. Some find the monthly subscriptions of this music streaming service as an expensive one.

If you are also one of them and looking for a Spotify alternative, you are at the right place. In this article, we will be sharing top 10 Best Spotify Alternatives that you can consider.

Top 10 Best Spotify Alternative Sites

Spotify Alternative: 10 Best Spotify Alternatives to Choose From

Here is a list of top 10 Spotify Alternatives. Even some of them are more popular than Spotify. Let’s go ahead and find which alternative fulfill your requirements.

1). Deezer


Spotify Alternative: 10 Best Spotify Alternatives to Choose From

It is a great French-based music streaming platform that let you access millions of songs. Alike other music streaming services, Deezer comes with two membership plans. They are Paid and Free plan. The paid plan has two plans. The first paid plan has some mobile app features locked, while the other has full features with everything unlocked.

The sound quality and bitrate are basic in the Free plan, while the Paid plans come with a high quality of up to 320kbps. It is available across 100 nations in the world. It is available in Canada as well, where very few music streaming services are available. It features more than 400 million songs, 30,000 radio channels, and around 16 million active users.

2). Apple Music


Spotify Alternative: 10 Best Spotify Alternatives to Choose From

The founder of Apple, Steve Jobs was among the first one to understand the damage caused to the music industry by the file sharing on the Internet. He introduced a fairly cheaper and innovative way to get licensed music through iTunes. Well, in the world of subscription-based music, this organization has come with Apple Music. Once you subscribe to it, you get access to the largest music collection in the world. One of the best features it comes with is the Siri voice command to navigate, search, and performing other tasks.

You can also listen to the Beats 1 live radio, broadcasted straight from studios in New York, Los Angeles, and London. The human curation makes Apple Music special. They often hire big names of the music industry in their live radio broadcasts. Moreover, you are free to build your stations that include your favorite songs.The minimum subscription of Apple music is for three months. You can subscribe for yourself as well as for your family member and can get some hefty discounts. It can act as a Spotify alternative, or even better.

3). Tidal


Spotify Alternative: 10 Best Spotify Alternatives to Choose From

Established by the famous star Jay-Z, Tidal is a great subscription based streaming music service and a Spotify alternative. It focuses on providing lossless audio and high definition music videos.

It claims of providing contents at the best quality.It features curated editorial where you can know the daily happenings and gossips in the industry. It takes pride in providing the best royalty percentage to the songwriters, music artists, and associated people among other music streaming platforms.

These features make it one of the best alternatives to Spotify. It has managed to obtain more than 3 million subscribers across all over the world.



Spotify Alternative: 10 Best Spotify Alternatives to Choose From

As the name suggests, this Spotify alternative is based on the model of streaming radio station rather than of on-demand music provider. It lets you play the music online but not customizing the playlists. The listening experience can be customized by tagging the Likes and Dislikes of the songs.  You can select your favorite artists and unselect the artists you don’t like.

This streaming service will automatically create your playlists according to your preferences. These features make it a semi-automatic music provider. It is a home of 12 million tracks. It comes with Free and Paid membership. The Paid membership will give you an ad-free interface and many other features. Moreover, it also comes with 30 days of demo period.

5). Amazon Music


Spotify Alternative: 10 Best Spotify Alternatives to Choose From

Formally known as Amazon mp3, Amazon Music is one of its kind in the world of digital music. You can browse around 30 million tracks in it. The Amazon Cloud Player app lets you download the songs. If you are fond of streaming music, then you Amazon Prime Music. As the name says, it belongs to the Amazon. You have to buy the Amazon Prime subscription for using this service. The Amazon Prime subscriptions, will not only let you listen to songs, but also, download games, movies, and eBooks.

6). Mflow


Spotify Alternative: 10 Best Spotify Alternatives to Choose From

With more than five million songs, Mflow is a cool platform for discovering music. It started in the year 2008.You won’t find any ads here. It also features an integrated social media that makes the discovery of new music as easy as a cakewalk. The quality of sound is great. From Katy Perry to Bob Dylan, you will find every popular artist in its catalog. People consider it as a Twitter for music.

7). Grooveshark


Spotify Alternative: 10 Best Spotify Alternatives to Choose From

Perhaps, it is the nearest Spotify alternative. However, unlike other music streaming service, it doesn’t rely on any program or software. It is entirely web-based and you don’t need to install any software on your computer and mobile. It features advertisement in a different manner. It doesn’t display them on its interface, but it features audio ads only.

Just like you listen to Spotify online, the same way you can search music or switch to pre-defined radio stations. You can also share playlists. Usually, the quality of songs is good. However, some rare tracks have a poor quality. Formally, it was a file sharing service. Thus, the songs you are listening are just people’s uploads. It let you upload your collection but don’t allow you to download anything.

You might be interested in checking Grooveshark Alternatives.

8). Pandora Radio


Spotify Alternative: 10 Best Spotify Alternatives to Choose From

If you are fond of Internet radio, then you will be loving Pandora radio. It is an Internet streaming radio website. You will find themed stations here. Unlike Spotify, it doesn’t let you create your personalized playlists. You can skip songs up to certain limit every hour.

It will automatically personalize playlists and become more optimized with you over the time. By subscribing to the paid plan, you will be able to access the Pandora for free of cost. You can access it on your smartphone through its app.

You can also use your web browser on your computer to access it. However, it doesn’t have any desktop version. The subscription charge is incredibly cheap as compare to other music subscription services. It lacks customization but comes with an ad-sponsored free version.

9). Google Play All Access


Spotify Alternative: 10 Best Spotify Alternatives to Choose From

When all the tech giants are entering the market of streaming music, then how come Google be left behind. Google Play All Access is a Google’s service in the streaming market. It stocks more than twenty million songs in its library and provides a high-quality music. It doesn’t come with a free option. You have to buy the subscription every month for using this service.

It has all the features of a good music subscription services such as searching of songs, building customized playlists, and others. It also lets you build playlists on the basis of songs you listened before on the app. However, some users complain it to have a confusing and messy interface. Also, it doesn’t have any desktop version.  You can only use it via the app. Overall, it is a decent Spotify alternative.



Spotify Alternative: 10 Best Spotify Alternatives to Choose From

Perhaps, there is no better Spotify alternative than Gaana if you are a fan of India music as well as International music. Ganna stocks a huge library of Indian as well as International music. The service is only available in India.

It is available in 21 different languages including some regional languages, Hindi, English. One can create playlists and make it public so that other users can listen to those songs. One can listen to the other public playlists as well. There are around 10 million songs in its library.

The best part is you can listen to them at free of cost. If you wish to exclude advertisement and listen to HD quality songs, then you have to upgrade your free account to Gaana Plus account. The Indian Spotify users can consider it as a Spotify alternative.


Here we have the best hand picked Spotify Alternative Sites that you consider if you don’t want to use Spotify anymore or want to try other options.There are several services available on the Internet as a Spotify alternative. Choosing the best among them depends on your requirement and preferences. Usually, these Spotify alternatives are fairly cheaper. Few have free versions as well. If you have any other music streaming services in your mind apart from this list, then feel free to share it with us. The comment box is here for your suggestion as well as feedback.

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