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Sponsorship for Photographer Travels - Sells Pix Before He Goes Abroad | Del Mar Times

By Dotpattern @collectinghobby

Del Mar’s Michael Seewald sees the world one photo at a time - Del Mar Times | Del Mar Times:
Sponsorship for photographer travels - sells pix before he goes abroad | Del Mar Times "But sponsorship is not a new concept for Seewald. He said he’s the only photographer in the world to have his own sponsorship program, in which his collectors buy photographs in advance at a discount rate to help pay for his global trips. He said he started with 25 sponsors who helped him travel to Iceland, and now his list of sponsors totals more than 300. The programs are unique in that sponsors put their confidence in Seewald and buy photographs before they are ever taken.
“Some people come in and they love all my work and said they wouldn’t know which one to pick,” he said. “It actually makes it hard for me to sell when they can’t narrow it down, so that’s when I tell them about the sponsorship program.”

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