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SPONGE SPROUTER: Garden Activity for Young Children

By Carolinearnoldtravel @CarolineSArnold
One of my first illustration assignments was for a book about gardening activities with children.  At that time, most books for children were illustrated with black and white art so I made pencil drawings.  Here is one of the activities meant for younger children.  It would work well with pre-school or kindergarten children.
SPONGE SPROUTER: Garden Activity for Young ChildrenSqueeze most of the moisture out of a large wet sponge and attach a string to it as illustrated.  Have the children sprinkle alfalfa or cress seeds on the sponge and hang it in a sunny window. Lightly spray with water each day.
Materials needed: Large sponge, string, alfalfa or cress seeds.
From Children’s Gardens: A Field Guide for Teachers, Parents and Volunteers by Elizabeth Bremner and John Pusey, Illustrations by Caroline Arnold

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