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Spoilers: What is up with Ben Flynn?

Posted on the 03 July 2013 by Tbfansource @tbfansource

Something is definately up with Ben Flynn (Rob Kazinsky) that much we know after You’re No Good. But what is he doing in Bon Temps anyway? According to TV Guide’s Natalie Abrams, we’ll find out in this Sunday’s episode and it’s not good:

What’s Ben’s deal on True Blood? He’s obviously hiding something. — James
We’ll find out why he’s really in Bon Temps this week — and it’s not good. But Rob Kazinsky swears that deep down, Ben is a good guy. “Everything he says in the first few episodes are not lies,” he says. “He has a real genuine fascination, adoration and love for Sookie.”

Source: TV Guide.com- “Mega Buzz: New Diaries Romance, Criminal Minds Woes and Dexter‘s Villain”

Image Credit: HBO, Inc.

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