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Spoilers! Are These The SYTYCD Top 20?

Posted on the 25 June 2014 by Sirmac2 @macthemovieguy

Thanks to the spoiler crew at IdolForums, they believe they have the top 20 for Season 11 of So You Think You Can Dance.

Top 10 Guys:

Casey Askew (Contemporary) – Nigel made the comment about his hair, he said he blow dries it.
Emilio Dosal (Hip-hop)- Emilio made Top 20 last year, but had to bow out because of an injury.
Marcquet Hill (Latin Ballroom) – He originally auditioned with Witney Carson in S9, but was too young.
Nick Garcia (Latin Ballroom) – One of the two Miami BFF’s.
Ricky Ubeda (Contemporary) – The “Dabbler”
Rudy Abreu (Contemporary) – The other Miami BFF, the one with the scar.
Serge Onik (Latin Ballroom) – Third times a charm. He also dated Kirstie Alley.
Stanley Glover (Contemporary) – His mom died when he was 4, while he was lying next to her.
Teddy Coffey (Hip-hop)- Not shown yet.
Zach Everhart (Tap) – Was cut at Green Mile last year. Not shown this year so far.

Top 10 Girls:

Bridget Whitman (Contempoary) – Her dad died in a car accident. Her story made Mary cry.
Brooklyn Fullmer (Latin Ballroom) – Auditioned with Marcquet.
Carly Blaney (Contemporary) – Audition not shown
Emily James (Contemporary) -Got a college degree, but still wants to dance.
Jessica Richens (Jazz) – Said her favorite thing was to be sexy on stage.
Jourdan Epstein (Ballet) – Her brother was struggling with addiction.
Malene Ostergaard (Latin Ballroom) – Auditioned with Armin Way (who did not make the Top 20)
Tanisha Belnap (Latin Ballroom) – Family of 12.
Valerie Rockey (Tap) – Auditioned. Was sent to choreo.
Jacque LeWarne (Ballet) – Audition not shown

Shockingly Not Top 20? Jaja. It’s so rare that we get female hip hop dancers, and Jaja being left off the list seems like the most glaring omission. I imagine that she struggled with choreo (like most hip hop dancers), but again… LIKE MOST HIP HOP DANCERS. Anyone remember Bluprint last year in Vegas? I think Jaja wasn’t given the same pass because she’s a female.

I’m also surprised Franchesca Bass (the bald girl) didn’t make the Top 20. She was incredible, and definitely stood out. Personally, I’ll miss Caleb Brauner, who lost his dad, and wanted this bad enough he reauditioned again in the same season after being cut at choreo.

We should find out later tonight if these are a viable Top 20.

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