Splurge Or Save? 6 Tips to Wisely Spend Money While Traveling

Posted on the 08 September 2022 by Mirela Letailleur @mirela_iepurela

What’s your travel type? Are you a save and scrimp type, looking for every opportunity to avoid paying full price? Or are you more of a let’s-splurge-on-this-once-in-a-lifetime type? There isn’t any right or wrong in spending money while traveling, honestly. It’s all about how much your bank can tolerate. Or, perhaps, how much hard work you put in before your trip to save up. And, of course, your preferences. But who would mind saving some bucks without compromising on the experience? No one, right? And, especially when the airfares are skyrocketing with each passing day, there is no reason why ...

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Original post by Mirela Letailleur (The Travel Bunny): Splurge or save? 6 tips to wisely spend money while traveling

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