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Split Bamboo Fencing Garden And Terrace

By Mattnem05 @mattnem05

Split bamboo fencing - Perhaps you are considering the possibility to install in your garden or terrace some sort of fence or barrier of privacy. If that is your case should take into account, among the many possibilities offered by the market, bamboo. This natural, ecological and sustainable material has known for its enormous hardness and strength. With bamboo, canes can create a private area decoratively with a very natural look. While drawing up this manual close occupy us shortly and will require few collaboration tools and auxiliary material.

Split Bamboo Fencing Garden And Terrace

Split bamboo fencing in a flat open area, place the rods parallel to each other to achieve the desired width, 150 cm in this case, but if you need wider is better to make several panels for easier handling. Once we have all the canes arranged, we have to keep them in place with stones or pots for example. Then place the rods or reeds 20 mm perpendicularly and arranged every 50 cm along the entire length of the rods. Tie rods to the rods or transverse rods. In the event that the place where we will place the panel has exposed to strong winds, we should place rods or transverse rods on both sides and strengthen their attachment to the rods with screws. Now you just need to fix your split bamboo fencing as well as appearance.

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