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Spiritualism Exists - Believe It - Reconnecting to Ourselves

Posted on the 15 March 2013 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN

spiritualism exists - believe it - reconnecting to ourselves

the lie vs the truth?

you can communicate with the dead, you can glean intimate details from them about your life, you can be assured that 'when you die' you'll be welcomed into their arms, so say individuals like Colin Fry, Derek Acorah and Sally Morgan to name three prominent spiritualist mediums/healers.
"So, what's the point of being alive?" without this extra-dimensional knowledge? Well, both issues i) why are we 'condenced down into flesh' at all (like what's the point of 'putting oneself through the process?) and ii) why do we do it WITHOUT (in most cases) understanding of 'how we relate to those in our spiritual family who are always around us'? I mean, "Why doesn't THIS LIFE come with a set of multi-dimensional directions for contact with OUR REAL FAMILY?"
In fact, "What's the point of being alive, at all, if it's just to NEVER KNOW what we all really are or just be some thug-gov's work slave?" and how does it benefit us, as inhabitants of the greater ever-existing i.e eternal, galactic realm (which we obviously all are, if it's real). How does it benefit us to jump from realm to realm in this spirit/physical duality? Is neither place satisfactory, is that it? Ghosts, for example, can sometimes 'haunt' a location's electromagnetic field for hundreds and hundreds of years, "Is that all they do, all day, every day for that long, just wait to scare someone or make them feel icky?" all seems a bit pointless for both sides of the 'mortal curtain'.
And if so-called Spiritual Existence is OUR REAL FAMILY that we can rely on to support and love us every moment of our living physical day, why are (only a handful of) 'celebrity contacters' or mediums given the life role of talking with these spirits, or this spiritual collective or 'dimension', at our behest/on our behalf? Is it like a car mechanic, who we take our broken vehicles to, instead of trying to learn how to 'fix them' ourselves? Is it 'that basic'? Do we just not have time to contact the dead ourselves? Are we on this earth for 'different reasons' other than spiritual reasons?
It's like with this 'marriage partners' or 'people who find themselves' from all the billions of people on the planet and (allegedly) stay together 'as family reunited' in the spirit realm ... does this imply that (in a Cloud Atlas fashion) we're always connected to the same 'spiritual lineage' from physical era to physical era? Is it like a game the spirit realm plays, trying to reconnect? Is it just 'fun for them' to reincarnate?
I watch these so-called Spiritualist types and (being a staunch realist) wonder, "What's the trick?" And don't get me wrong, there 'might not be' a trick: there might not be plants or associates in the audience, they might not have intimate detail of 'random contactees' gleaned from application forms prior to such a show going live, they might not be 'guessing intelligently' within a series of soft 'social parameters'.
"Why is Spiritualism 'their job' and not something anyone/everyone can do?"
CLOSING THOUGHTS: is it like Learning a Foreign Language... When we take ourselves through the trial and error, the rhythm and repetition, the group work or solo study of learning a new language (French, German, Latvian or maybe even a computer language like Basic, Fortran or C++) are we actually 'doing anything new' or have we 'done all this before' and 'what we are' on this plane reflects our spiritual specialisation and we're just RECONNECTING with that?
For example, have I always been able to 'read palms' and accurately divine character and traits from such? It doesn't feel 'spiritual' in any way, when I do it. I don't get clairaudience or clairvoyance or any other 'spiritual connection'. It's just 'something I learned to do' (like a foreign language) from a very old paperback book that I discovered on a make-shift 'shelf' in a bedsit in Bournemouth that 'really connected with me' where other palmistry books have left me cold; hence the term Oxford Cheiromancy and not some other name. Is it just an illusion that my readings are 'spot on'? Do clients just 'want me to be right' no matter how brutally honest I am in my readings?
Is that why 'some people' do the spiritualist thing while others to 'other things' with their 'go' at this living thing, this existence? Are we just regurgitating A LIFE WE'VE ALWAYS LED?

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