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Spiritual Survival/The Supernatural Way

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

Spiritual Attacks

In This Day And Age Of Sick, Evil, Jealous And Malicious Demonic Souls Pure Rare Special Spiritual Beings And Those Alike Need And Require The Ultimate Shields Of Spiritual Protection.

There Are Those Who Endeavor To (Steal) Take Other People’s “Positive” Spiritual Energy. It’s Done Through Meditation And The Use Of Evil Voodoo And Black Magic.

Black Magic

There Are Various Mechanisms Of Spiritual Evils. There Are Different Forms Of Voodoo, Obeah And Witchcraft That Can Be Separate Or Combined (Mixed Together For Negative Purpose) And Those Who May Be Targeted Should Always Be On The Look Out (Very Vigilant Of Their Spiritual Body And Surroundings).

White Magic:

White Magic Is A Form Of Beautiful Voodoo That Can Provide Ultimate Protections Through Reversal, Cleansing, Shielding, Opening Up Doors To Success, Clearing Pathways/Obstacles And Many More Life-Changing Events To Control Your Own Destiny (To Make The Life That You Want And Desire For Yourself).

The Same Damage Affects Caused By Black Magic Is The Exact Same Amount Of Intense Healing Affect That White Magic Is Able To Concur And Result With Additional Power If You Are Truly Genuine And Have Love From And Blessings Through Your Ancestors And Orishas.

Spiritual Revenge:

There Is Absolutely Nothing Wrong In Seeking Revenge On Those Who Have Worked Evil Against You. Retaliation Is Vital And Very Necessary In Certain Circumstances.

Often Most People Cross People Up Hoping And Thinking That Their Victim Will Never Know Or Find Out What Was Done To Them.

However, Instinct “Gut Feelings” And Common Sense Often Kick In With Particular People Leading Them To Investigate The Things “Occurring” In Their Life That May Not Seem Right. 

A Spiritual Person On The Other Hand Instantly And Definitely Without A Doubt Knows When They Have Been Attacked Or Crossed Up. Some Spiritual People-If Powerful Enough Are Able To “Handle” Their Own Situation By Overpowering Their Opponent. 

Others May Need Further Assistance In Matters Of Particular Spiritual Needs From Another ”Power Source” (Spiritual Worker).

If Possible Though, It Is Better To Do The Work On Your Own As Your Energies Are Enforced And Vitalized For Your Own Special Purpose.

Note: You Must Be Very Careful Seeking Help From Other Spiritual People Too. All Of Them Indeed Are Not Trustworthy And May Be Out To Do Just As Much Harm As An Enemy. Spiritual Folk Are Definitely Not Exceptions When It Comes To Those Who Will Attempt To Steal Away Energy And To Deprive You Of Luck And Goodness. So Do Not Rule Them Out As Potential ”Spiritual Attackers”.

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