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Spinning Content the Right Way

Posted on the 31 August 2011 by Waxgirl333 @waxgirl333

I would say that I specialize in spinning content and I don’t look at it as a bad thing. To me, spinning content is taking a step back to see how I can take a common topic or story and add a new perspective to it, or just something else that’s generally new and different. It may be through providing new information, or opinion, or simply by using a different voice.  Spinning content to me is putting that stamp on it – whether it is my own or my clients’. You’ve got to bring SOMETHING new to the table, even when presenting information that is already out there.

This negative context referring to spun content assumes that something already published is simply going to be rewritten using different words.  I don’t feel as though this should ever be a concern as reputable writers should stand by their ability to provide unique content – the kind that won’t lead to issues of intellectual property rights.

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