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Spiked Chocolate Espresso Shots

By Creativeculinary @CreativCulinary

Spiked Chocolate Espresso ShotsSpiked Chocolate Espresso Shots

Spiked Chocolate Espresso Shots

I spotted this recipe on the blog Sidewalk Shoes the other day that is so familiar to me and yet...I've never shared it here. Of course that should be no surprise, I would have to be churning out 10 recipes a day to share all that I have in my repertoire so sometimes it's nice to get a little nudge from other sources and remember how much I love something, particularly when it's chocolate and tomorrow is Valentines Day...ahh, love is in the air and what better than chocolate to drink, right? Yesterday I shared a Raspberry Boccone Dolce which is easy and SO good but in the realm of ease nothing beats these spiked chocolate espresso shots if you want a simple dessert.

This recipe originally comes via Donna Hay; known far and wide on the other side of the pond and down under; sort of our Martha Stewart except not an ex-con! I've received her magazines on and off over the years and this simple shot was memorable. being me I had to change it up a bit and oh boy is this change good. How? Tequila! If you still think tequila's only use is for margaritas or shots off of your (or someone else) arm, you need to think again. It adds such a nice element of heat to a coffee and/or chocolate cocktail. Someone once asked me, 'Doesn't it make them taste too salty?' Evidence of poor tequila's association with a salty margarita. I promise you it's neither salty or citrusy when removed from the ubiquitous marg. It just adds the most subtle heat (unless you double the suggested shot).

Spiked Chocolate Espresso Shots

Maybe called a shot but the truth is I prefer serving with little demitasse spoons, it's too good to gulp down in one fell swoop and I like to savor them a bit more. Either way they are a great ending to a good meal, whether you've eaten out or at home. Make these for that last treat to be served in bed before you and your loved one find something more fun to do. Like sleep. :)

Spiked Chocolate Espresso Shots

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