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Spiders in Your Kitchen? Here’s What to Do

By Marialiberati

Do you hate spiders? Just the sight of them can make some people tremble in fear. One of the worst places to find these little pests is in your kitchen. If you have a spider problem, you may turn to a chemical method to try to treat them. However, many natural approaches can keep your kitchen clean and spider free.

Clean Them Out

If you want to get rid of spiders and you want to keep others from coming in, then you could use a natural solution. Since you're dealing with the kitchen, natural methods are always best. Did you know that spiders hate essential oils like eucalyptus, peppermint oil and rose? These essential oils can kill a spider when applied to it directly, and the pungent smell of the herbs will keep new intruders at bay.

Leave Them Alone

It might go against common logic, but, in some cases, it can be best to leave spiders alone. Did you know that spiders eat ants, roaches, flies, moths and just about any other insect? They can actually protect your food from pests. The key is to learn which spiders are poisonous before you adopt a "live and let live" policy regarding spiders in the kitchen. There are several common spiders in the US you should know how to identify. One such example is the garden spider. It has bright yellow coloring on a shiny black body. Many people think it looks scary because of its color. However, it cannot hurt you or anyone else in your home. They spin beautiful webs that will amaze anyone who stumbles upon them. When it comes to spiders, sometimes, the best policy is to let them be.

When to Call for Help

When dealing with an orb weaver or a garden spider, there are no worries. However, there are a few deadly spiders you should stay away from. If you have brown recluses, black widows, or armed spiders, then you need to get professional help. These spiders have toxic venom that can destroy tissue and even cause death. Extermination methods are necessary to protect your family. Kill any of these spiders that you see, but make sure you save one for identification for the pest control company.

Most of the spiders you come in contact with at home won't hurt you. However, you can never be too sure. You must be knowledgeable about the spiders in the area where you live. When you know what's safe and what's not, it makes it easier to know when to call for help.

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