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Spider-Man Minecraft Mod!

By Boxmash
Minecraft Spider-Man

If you’re a PC Minecraft player and you were feeling sad you didn’t get an Avengers skin pack like on Xbox 360, then this is the mod for you. Way better than just some Marvel skins, this lets you be Spider-Man in Minecraft, web-shooters and all! Check the mod in action in this great video.

With the Spider-Man mod, you can make the Spider suit, which lets you do everything a spider can: run fast, jump high, and climb up walls! You’ll be able to scale the buildings of New York and keep an eye out for crooks and bad guys easily with your spider powers. But what about if you see a crime? Then you can use the web-shooters to swing into action! And when you’ve got to where you need to be, balls of sticky webbing can trap your enemies and keep them stuck down so they can’t do any more crimes. Pretty awesome, yeah?

If you want to get the mod, you can download it from here. That’s only the Spider-Man suit and web-shooters mod, though. If you want to swing around New York City, you’ll have to build it yourself. Or just download the map from here.

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