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Spending Vacation With Kids on a Budget

By Bloggerfather @bloggerfather
As spring is nearly sprung, our thoughts turn to the longed for summer. The summer school holiday will soon be upon us and so perhaps it is time to prepare yourself for the children's constant requests to go to the beach or to visit a favorite restaurant as a holiday treat. Of course having your children with you throughout the summer can be fun. However, the six week break from school can also prove to be costly.
A visit to my deals site or a search for voucher codes could save you some money. It is always good to have some cost effective plans and trip ideas can be found here to occupy the children during the holiday season.
In recent years, cinema prices have increased, but a trip to the cinema can still be affordable. Film companies will release many children’s films during the holidays and so there is bound to be something the children will enjoy. A trip to the cinema will delight the children and taking advantage of the family holiday season discounts will delight the adults too.
When the summer sunshine arrives, the family will want to take advantage of the good weather. Travelling to the coast can edn up being expensive with last minute train fares and the rising cost of fuel prices. A brilliant way to bring the coast to you is through a paddling pool. It will entertain the children for hours in the comfort and safety of your own back garden.
Children adore the freedom that a visit to the local park offers. There is opportunity to play ball games, explore, play on the adventure playground, and often there are grassy areas to enjoy a picnic. If the Park has a pond, feeding the ducks is always fun.
Sharing time together in the kitchen, baking a cake is an enjoyable way to occupy the children; the ingredients are close at hand and the result is a tasty treat for the whole family.
Taking the children on a bicycle ride is enormous fun; there is opportunity to explore the countryside and it provides a healthy activity for the whole family. All you need is a bicycle, whether your own or rented, and a hunger for adventure!
How about becoming creative? There are many pottery shops and 'paint you own mug' cafés that offer opportunities to indulge the childrens' creative talents. They are usually reasonably priced, and painted mugs and plates can also be taken home acting as a memento of the trip. Art shops and even supermarkets also provide art and craft kits at competitive prices that can engage the children for many hours.
Occupying the children does not have to the cost the earth and can prove to be amazing fun for the whole family.

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