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Speedy Beatie Might Have to Drop out of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Marathon

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Beatie Deutsch, AKA Speedy Beatie, seems to be dropping out of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Unfortunately, The Olympic schedule changed and the marathon that had been scheduled to be run on Sunday has been moved back to Saturday. Beaities announced the change in a post on her social media accounts and that she would have to drop out of the race because of it. Unless, she could get them to change it back.
Beatie's post on FB:
According to the BBC, the reason the date was changed is because of a location change. Being the new location of the marathon, in Sapporo Park which is 500 miles north of Tokyo, they changed the entire range of events from August 2 to August 6-9, with the women's marathon on August 8.
I don't see them changing the schedule for one person. If, however, it can become a movement, with many people talking about it and contacting them and the issue of religious freedom being raised and they can be seen as being more inclusive, then perhaps it might be worth their consideration.
The Press Office for the IOC Media team can be reached at [email protected] . I do not know if they are the right people for this, but I looked around the IOC site and could not find any more specific contact for any administrative team that might deal with this. If someone else knows, please share.
I recommend writing or calling the relevant Olympic committees to protest the change and request changing it back so our religious representative can participate. And if they refuse to, we will be proud that our representative stays true to her ideals.
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