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Spectrecoin Cryptocurrency

Posted on the 21 February 2018 by Darkwebnews @darkwebnews

While the focus has mostly been on Bitcoin, there are other cryptocurrencies that have silently built their platforms, offering better features and higher returns for the buyers and sellers.

Spectrecoin is one among these, and it is indeed growing quite popular. Some of the best features one looks for in a digital payment asset of this nature can be found in Spectrecoin.

Read on to know more about this currency, which goes with the code XSPEC in the cryptocurrency exchanges.

Security on Tor is Assured

The primary objective behind people preferring to use the cryptocurrencies so far has been to use them for transactions they wish to hide from the authorities, for whatever reason.

And Spectrecoin gives them this protection to the fullest.

The reason for this is that Spectrecoin is now traded on the Tor anonymity browser, and its latest version is compatible with the Tor Obfuscation Protocol (named OBFS4).

This practically means that if you were to create a blockchain for Spectrecoin or buy or sell the currency, the IP address from which you are conducting the transaction will be completely hidden from public view. It can't be traced either.

Faster Allotment of Units

You may be aware of the time it takes for transactions to be completed in the blockchain network for more popular digital currencies like Bitcoin.

It takes almost a week for the units to be credited to your account.

With Spectrecoin, this process is done much faster and with total privacy assured, it lends itself as a very attractive investment within the basket of cryptocurrencies.

The currency has yielded over 750 percent appreciation in just over a year since its launch in late-2016.

Accessibility Even in Countries Where There is a Ban

The privacy and anonymity angle with regard to Spectrecoin is highlighted by the fact that its exclusive dealings within the Tor browser and the V1.33 version of the digital currency, with the OBFS4 obfuscation protocol, enables even those residing in countries that have banned the Tor browser to mine the currency.

This is accomplished by the internet traffic within this protocol being seen as normal traffic, even if the law enforcement authorities were to monitor the traffic.

The team at Spectrecoin has been successful in breaking into the impenetrable networks in China and facilitating Chinese netizens to create their chest of Spectrecoin currency. The same holds good for some of the other countries that have placed a ban on Tor.

It is understood that Spectrecoin is possibly the only one among the cryptocurrencies to have achieved this.

A Dedicated Community of Supporters

Spectrecoin is also helped by the strong support it receives from the original community of investors and enthusiasts in the currency. It also has an active and engaged Slack channel.

These supporters have steadfastly stood by Spectrecoin, and it's thanks to them that around 20 million XSPEC units are available now.

Spectrecoin Stands Out in Comparison to Other Currencies

Yet another aspect of Spectrecoin as a digital currency-apart from the superior privacy features it offers, as described above-is that it has emerged ahead of some of the other cryptocurrencies when put through certain benchmark tests.

The currency is also now being traded on major exchanges including and .

It Has a Bright Future

Spectrecoin is definitely poised to earn more laurels as it gains strength in the coming months and years and investors see the merits in its value and features.

One cannot overlook the anonymity aspect, and that's why its integration with Tor is repeatedly highlighted.


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