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Mary Summers -- M.A.S. FASHION-17Mary Summers -- M.A.S. FASHION-9

Mary Summers -- M.A.S. FASHION-10

Mary Summers -- M.A.S. FASHION-12

Mary Summers -- M.A.S. FASHION-13

This year has been a crazy (good) one for my family. We have welcomed two new dogs (Annie Hafner + Flash Miller), a son/brother-in-law (my hubs), and three beautiful little girls (Mary + Catherine Summers + Molly Miller). To say we feel like we have lived five years in the past 11 months is an understatement. Our hearts are so full of love and happiness that it is almost too perfect Thanksgiving is next week as we have so much to be thankful for.

Last week I mentioned exciting family news, and here she is. My sister gave birth to her beautiful baby girl on November 14th! I was devastated to not be at the actual as I was flying back from Chicago (little Molly decided to come early) but I rushed to be by her side Friday morning. My sister is an incredible human being. She was always like a second mom to me; fixing my hair, playing dress-up, and full of advice. Growing up this would sometimes annoy me but she was always there to nurture and love me, which I know will make her the best mother in the world. She also married one of the best men I know so I am certain little Molly is one lucky, lucky girl. As for me, I am so excited to be another “crazy auntie-M” to this beautiful baby girl. I almost couldn’t wait until today to post these pictures I snapped of her! Isn’t she perfect?! Annnnnnnd how beautiful is my sister four days after giving birth?! She totally has the new mother glow!

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