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Speaking of Parenting and Gunloonery

Posted on the 06 August 2011 by Mikeb302000
Speaking of Parenting and GunlooneryOne of the most impressive things about Linoge aka Jon C. Sullivan is that he never allows his complete ignorance of things interfere with his ability to pontificate endlessly about them.
Take parenting and gunloonery, f'r'instance.
Praise Jeebus, Jon C. Sullivan has yet to procreate.  Can I hear someone say, 'Praise Jeebus!??'
After all, procreation is difficult if your time is taken up by writing 80,000 word blog posts and comments--on an hourly basis-- which make no sense, as well as fondling, stroking, touching, rubbing and gently oiling the hard surfaces of your firearm collection.  That and watching Firefly reruns, over and over and over...
But that doesn't stop Jon C. Sullivan from knowing all there is to know about parenting; even though it's quite unlikely he and Mrs. Linoge have ever..well, you get the idea.Speaking of Parenting and GunlooneryHowever, stranger things have happened and it's not beyond the realm of empirical certitude that Jon Sullivan might accidentally procreate.  Should such a thing ever transpire, my money is on Mrs. Linoge making Jon C. Sullivan's gun collection go bye-bye.

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