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Spain’s Top Four Most Beautiful Sights That You Must See

By Stizzard

Exploring Europe can give you a new perspective on life. Traveling through Spain will expose you to beautiful wilderness and attractive cities. Plan your next trip to include at least one day in this warm and welcoming country.

Spain is full of unique and charming cities, but it is also overflowing with natural beauty. You don’t have to travel far from civilization to see rolling hills and classic pastoral scenes. Spain offers a warm and sunny climate that is mild throughout the year. No matter when your vacation time is available, you can visit this European country for adventure and exploration. The cities and villages of Spain are also very welcoming and fun for singles. Investing in an adventure tour can help you see a range of sights without getting lost or going out alone. Plan a trip that includes at least one of the top four sights in Spain.

Andalusia’s pueblos blancos

The Andalusia region is mainly composed of rugged terrain and gorgeous views from the hillsides. In the central area, you will find a variety of tiny villages featuring tightly packed white homes. These classic buildings were built by farmers who once filled the region. While many villages have slowly dwindled over the years, others are enjoying a boom in popularity and the restoration that comes with it. Strolling through the narrow streets will give you a new appreciation for Spanish culture.

Soak up the sun in Menorca

This tiny island lies just off the coast but is part of the country of Spain. Ancient residents used the natural stone slabs to create interesting monoliths and other structures. The real attraction on Menorca is the white sand coastline, which is full of beaches offering both privacy and relaxation. If you aren’t in the mood for sunbathing alone, visit one of the port towns for the memorable summer parties that are constantly starting up. A few days on Menorca can make you feel like you have visited the Bahamas without the extra airfare.

Gaudi’s work

The architect, Gaudi designed some of the most beautiful and fantastical structures in the world. Visiting Barcelona will allow you to see all of his best works in one day. Stroll through the Park Guell to see curvy benches and other decorations designed by the master. Other structures include residential buildings with tiled ceilings in exotic patterns and colors. La Sagrada Familia also deserves a visit if you are in the area. This massive unfinished cathedral is known for its towering spires and spikes. It has been in construction for more than a hundred years.


If you are searching for culture and history at the same time, spend a few days in Valencia. This city blends ancient beauty with modern technological wonders. You can enjoy tasty cuisine and exciting nightlife one night and then spend the next day viewing the world’s best art in the Guggenheim Museum.

Spain is full of opportunities for exploration and making new friends. It is a very appropriate choice when planning a singles holiday. You will always remember the days and nights you spent exploring the scenes of Spain.

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